People Partner, Technology

Singapore, Singapore Full-time

Roles & Responsibilities

  • Acting as the single point of contact for Product Teams assigned to the People Partner.
  • Develop and maintain effective partnerships and serve as a consultant in strategic and tactical approaches with respect to Performance Management, Compensation & Benefits, Learning & development, Feedback, Employee experience etc.
  • Build two-way communication channels that reinforce employee engagement - establish conversations that cascade the strategy and aligns the workforce and talent across levels.
  • Contribute towards People & Culture Systems; Process maturity by continuously updating current processes and policies keeping the engagement levers of employees at GO-JEK in mind.
  • Engage with the Product  team to identify key talent and keep them engaged through necessary interventions.
  • Sensitize individual or at team level regarding HR issues, practice and policy including employee relations, performance management, career development.
  • Manages and resolves complex employee relations issues. Conducts effective, thorough and objective investigations with exhaustive documentation.
  • Identifies training needs for Product Team and individual needs be it hard or soft.
  • Prepares report of the major interventions/activities undertaken by the People partner team along with People Pulse and shares the same with Leadership team. Also track the metrics  to improve performance, retention, and team health.


Key Skills Required

  • Must be able to work at all levels of the HR “stack” – Strategic, operational, and tactical. Possesses the ability to think strategically and implement the strategy tactically
  • People Skills: Should be able to effectively analyze and identify the people issues and personalities that are affecting performance, and be able to solve the issue at hand.
  • Demonstrates sound understanding of the end to end daily operations and functions within the organization along with key organizational metrics.
  • Interpersonal and communication skills, both verbal and written. Demonstrates credibility and integrity in communications to ensure information flows both upward and downward with service oriented attitude.
  • Able to adapt to changing conditions as well as the ability to adapt to dynamic personalities/ Org while still delivering to business needs
  • Problem Solving: Should be hands-on on problem-solving, use logic and understand how emotion affects decisions and implementation.
  • Analytical Thinking/ Skills: Should be proficient with data and possess relevant skills to work on it to derive meaningful insights.
  • Resiliency: Should be resilient in building relationships with the product team, build credibility, exerting pressure when it may be required but also choosing the battles carefully.
  • Negotiation and Conflict Management. Able to facilitate constructive conversations and manage potential conflicts
  • Openness to Experience: Should be open to alternative perspectives & viewpoints, be able to demonstrate constructive argument
  • Tolerance for Ambiguity: Should be able to function smoothly in times of uncertainty & ambiguity.
  • Cultural Awareness and Respect. Should exhibit sensitivity towards diversity and treat everybody with respect.
  • Should be good team player
  • Empathy: Needs no description. It may be the last but most important!

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