Tech Content Writer

Bengaluru, Karnataka, India Full-time

GO-JEK is one app and 18+ products and services. We have foodtech, fintech, ride-sharing, logistics, massages and a dozen other services, all rolled into one app. Naturally, we have a lot of stories to narrate. The challenge: Finding quality writers who can unearth these stories from engineers.

For example: We launched our entire car-sharing service in under a month. How we went about building a product? Who were the key movers and shakers? What was different? When did the decision-making happen? Why is this relevant? What happened behind-the-scenes? The technology powering the product? All of this are key ingredients in the story.

In the role, a candidate is expected to take complex technical information and simplify it for a broader audience. This will also be based on relationships each candidate is able to build within the organisation. A story need not be within the confines of what transpired; sometimes it’s about the people that made it all happen. We’re looking for authors who can narrate what it takes to be a Super App in SouthEast Asia. Think of this as an internal journalism role.


  • Determine the pipeline of ‘stories’ that can be narrated for the GO-JEK Tech brand.

  • Work with developers to narrate technical stories to a wider audience.

  • Organize and write supporting documents for stories including transcription of conversations and progress of multiple stories.

  • Ideate and provide intelligence on diagrams, animation, and charts that increase the overall value proposition of each article.

  • Select appropriate medium for message or audience, such as blogs, social media or online videos.

  • Standardize content across platforms and media

  • Desmitify complex technical points into simple stories that cater to a larger audience.


The ideal candidate should have a proven track record of writing content consumed by a large audience. This position requires creativity, ability to understand complex subjects and simplify


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